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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Plant Your Seed Instead of Eating It

The role of the woman today is one of the hottest issues going. Voices shout messages to women varying from “Your worth is whatever you want” to “Keep silent.” Confusing? You bet. Yet, women are coming through mine fields of different teaching to discover what God’s voice is saying. If we understand our purpose, and position ourselves to fulfill it, then we will see great power released.

One day I was in my car running errands and singing along to a popular song on the radio when the words of the song began to pierce my consciousness. This woman had traveled everywhere and her life was so exciting. Without thinking, I began to complain out loud about how boring my life was in comparison. Instantly, I was impressed with the thought, “This woman is eating her seed.” Eating her seed! What on earth does that mean? Then I remembered the scripture, “unless a seed dies and is buried, it cannot grow.” It dawned on me that possibly this woman was eating the seed of her life instead of planting it.

We as women are doing many things today, but only a few things are important and only one thing is really necessary. The one essential thing is to enter into a love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God is looking for women who will freely choose to do His will. Our willingness to let God bring us back into alignment with His purposes and plan is the first step every woman takes to let His kingdom come.

Tell me, are you eating your seed or planting it?

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