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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Have you ever wondered?

I heard this statement once:

"The moral state of a nation is the result of the spiritual state of its women."

What do you think about that? Have you ever wondered... what it would be like if large numbers of women were to find Jesus Christ as their Savior and decide to walk by His Spirit? What would that do to the abortion issue? What would that do to the family issue? Or, how would that affect the sexual problems of our society?

Think of the issues that could be changed due to the lack of participation if a lot of women were to commit their lives to pleasing God and fulfilling His plan.

What would the world be like if women were to take God's Word seriously and be the "helper" they were originally brought forth to be? Have you ever really wondered?

That's why I believe God is so intent on restoring women's virtues today, because we do play a major role. We carry a lot of influence. I believe the Lord is restoring us to our original power and purpose and I don't think we've ever really walked in it ... not like He originally intended.

So ladies, get ready! Study to show yourself approved and be willing to do whatever it takes, because it's going to be WONDERFUL!

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