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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Dynamite! Containers Of Power

There is an old joke that when God brought Eve to Adam for the first time, Adam was taken aback by her beauty: “Whoa, Man!” he exclaimed. The nickname stuck, so she is called “wo-man”. Even though that may be a joke, we do know that men are visually attracted to women and women have power in the image they present to men. That is why the Apostle Peter tells us “a man can be won without a word by observing the chaste behavior of the woman.” One of God’s purposes for the man to be attracted to the woman is to motivate him visually toward holy living.

As we women spend time in God’s word, we become containers of God’s words. As containers of the Word, we carry the power of the Word to bring salvation, new life and healing to the people around us. Realizing this great power of influence we hold, we each must stop and examine ourselves by asking:

  • What vision of God does my spirit portray to others?

  • Does my mind contain right thoughts about God to reflect to those around me?

  • What does my spirit contain?

It has been stated, “The moral state of a nation is an expression of the spiritual state of its women.” Today we see scores of women lured into misusing their female power in ways that are feeding the lusts of men or spawning a generation of crippled men. A woman’s ability to motivate others makes her extremely important in relationships and in society as a whole. The woman who is not Christ-centered can be a damper on the moral climate of her home, her workplace, her city and her nation.

The Christian woman who fulfills her purpose as a “cleansing element” and a container of God’s word brings blessing and beauty every place she goes.

Ladies, let us turn our attention to our God-given power of influence and enjoy lasting fulfillment, as we become containers of the Word of His power.

Meditation Scripture: Hebrews 4:12; 1 Peter 3:3-4

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