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So many times when we talk about women, we speak primarily about the married woman. If we speak about the woman’s influence, especially in reference to the man, we usually refer to the married woman and her influence on her husband. While that may be where the woman’s influence is exceptionally powerful, the single woman is not to be forgotten.

There is a story in the book of Judges about a woman named Deborah. Deborah was a married woman but she had a profound influence on a man who was not her husband, and she did it without falling into a romantic fantasy that this man was to be her “God-ordained” husband.

The story tells us that Deborah was a prophetess, a wife and a judge in Israel. It also tells us that Deborah used to sit under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel. Ramah means “a high place” and Bethel means “house of God”. This shows us that Deborah wasn’t out “doing her own thing” but she was walking in her “calling” from God. She was, as the Bible puts it, walking in her high places.

Because of this, at the right moment in history Deborah made a great impact on a man named Barak who was not her husband, but was a leader of Israel’s army. She had a word from God for Barak concerning his calling from God. She encouraged him and helped him to fulfill his mission in life. With this teamwork of the male and the female, the nation of Israel won a great victory that day and history was written.

Every woman can be a Deborah and it doesn’t depend on whether she is married or not. Be aware of your influence in every situation and use it to the glory of God.

Meditation Scripture: Judges 4

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