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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Abigail's Intercession

God is so good! He has given us wonderful stories in the Old Testament to show us spiritual truths.

I love the story in 1 Samuel 25 about a woman named Abigail. She was a virtuous woman, of "good understanding" and "beautiful countenance." Unfortunately, her husband, Nabal, was a wicked fool.

One day David sent some of his men to Nabal to ask for provisions. David's men had been protecting Nabal's servants and possessions while his sheep grazed, and now that it was sheep-shearing time, David expected something in return, which was customary in those days. But Nabal treated David's men disrespectfully and sent them away empty-handed. When David heard of this insult, he rose in a rage, put on his sword and ordered his men to prepare for battle to destroy Nabal's house and all who were found in it.

When Abigail found out about this situation, she quickly took offerings and intercepted David. She fell on her face before him and begged his forgiveness, admitting her husband's foolishness, but asking that the iniquity of her husband be upon her. David was impressed and granted her wish.

Here is a woman that not only saw evil and weakness in her husband or leader, but she did something about it. She positioned herself in intercession and stopped the wrath that threatened her household. What a woman! She makes a great pattern don't you think?

Meditation Scripture: 1 Samuel 25; Ezekiel 22:30

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