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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

The Lost Art of Hospitality

As the years go by, there are many changes that take place in our society. Some for the best, but not all of them. I believe one of those "changes" that has taken place in our society that is not for the best is the fact that we have lost the art of "hospitality". I guess in our fast paced world, we feel we don't "have time" for it anymore. What a sad thought. We don't have time to do something so important to God ... ministering to people through our hospitality.

One of the definitions for hospitality is "to offer a pleasant or sustaining environment"' and in Romans 12:13 we are instructed as Christians "to distribute to the needs of the saints and to pursue hospitality." All through the Old Testament, God instructed His people to be kind and open to the stranger, as well as the Israelite, encouraging them to be a hospitable people. When I read this I realized that it is through the gift of hospitality that we first enter into God's presence. People will be much more responsive to the Lord in a pleasant environment.

The woman's role carries a great deal of the power of influence in manifesting the love of God in this area. Ladies, let's not allow this gift to be stolen from us. Let's "pursue" hospitality and develop it even as an artist does his craft. I assure you many people will be blessed and Jesus will be glorified.

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