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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon


I teach a lot on the Purpose, Position and Power of the woman and I have found that we are all excited about the power part of our role. I don't blame us. We've not been allowed to have any for so many years that when we discover we do have power, the power of influence, and it is God ordained, we tend to want to camp out there and not go on. So when we have to move on to consider our position and that old ugly word "submission" comes up, we want to close our ears.

That's because we've never really understood that submission is not a dirty word. It is a power word! When we catch the vision of Jesus on the cross, that he was in perfect submission, and then realize he was destroying the devil's work and changing the destiny of many people for all eternity, how can we continue to see "submission" as a weakness.

It took a lot of strength for Jesus to endure the cross. He had to be physically strong. He had to be focused and purposeful about what he was doing. He had to trust God and exercise strong faith in God's word. I don't call that weakness. No, submission is a power word. Submission is only for the dedicated, only for those who are determined to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. Personally, I feel honored as a woman to be in the position to most manifest this great quality of our Savior, how about you?

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