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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Power to Conquer the ADLs of Life

It was an afternoon in mid-March 1972, my oldest son was at school, I had just sent my middle son off to half-day kindergarten and the baby was down for a nap when I sat down to enjoy my long awaited quiet time to finish a book. Little did I know my devotions that day would change my life forever. The author of the book talked about finding a deep relationship with God that brought in a power that changed my life. The word "power" jumped out at me that day. That's what I needed! Somehow, I was always able to rise to the occasion of any emergency, but the activities of daily living got me down.

My friend calls her "activities of daily living", her ADLs and I'm reminded that the Bible tells us it is the "little foxes" we need to watch for. Those are the ones that will spoil the vine. I think it can be the process of keeping faithful and focused moment by moment to fulfill God's purpose in and through us that can be our greatest challenge, don't you?

I can't tell you how excited I was that day to find out that our Father had made provision for us through Jesus Christ. To have all the power we needed to deal with our ADLs and then to discover that Jesus Himself was "ever living" to make intercession for us. Wow! Just think, you and I are one of Jesus' "activities of daily living." Not bad.

Don't forget to rejoice and thank God for His great goodness and be sure to call upon that power He's made available to you. It sure will help you with those ADLs.

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