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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Motherhood - A Position of Value

Motherhood is a subject that has suffered a lot of abuse. When I was a young mother of three sons, being a mother who stayed home with her children was not a very respected position. I can remember the looks I was given when I was asked where I worked and I would have to say ... I don't work. The stay-at-home mother was never given credit for "working" when she stayed at home, but I only thought I worked when I was in the office. At least there I had coffee breaks and lunch hours; those soon became luxuries to me as a stay-at-home mom.

Webster's dictionary defines the word "mother" as:


An origin or source, a woman in a position of responsibility or authority, to give birth or to nourish and protect.


So many woman are feeling valueless and looking for positions of authority and all the while, God has given us that part of Himself that is a part of the origin and source of life.

We have the privilege of receiving the seed, incubating that seed and growing it to maturity in our womb, bringing it forth and nourishing and protecting that life in its very early stages. What greater value can there be? Whether I am the one to actually bring the baby into this world or I am given the privilege of impacting its early years through the adoption process, there is nothing more valuable than that. I believe, whether male or female, to nurture a soul into God's plan and destiny for them is one of the greatest gifts we have to give. And mothers, you have the blessed opportunity of being first in line to do that.

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