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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Be Faithful and You'll be Blessed

The Bible tells a story in Luke 1 about a faithful couple named Zacharias and Elizabeth. The little insight we have into their lives shows us they lived righteous before God and "Zacharias went about his daily duties in his priesthood in the order of his division and according to the custom." It was at this point that the angel met Zacharias in the temple and gave him the good news of the coming birth of his son. Now Elizabeth had been barren for many years so this was a startling bit of news. In fact, he was so taken with it that he was struck dumb until the baby was born.

So many times, we think there has to be something real splashy happening for God to move when in reality God wants to move in our every day lives. Zacharias was tending to his daily duties when he got his news.

I wonder what would have happened if the angel had showed up with a message but found another priest there because Zacharias didn't feel like coming to work that day. What a blessing he would've missed ... not to mention what Elizabeth would have done to him when she found out.

I think God looks to entrust His word to faithful people because He knows where to find them ... day in and day out attending to their daily duties. Then when He is ready to move on something, age matters not. It didn't get in the way with Sarah and Abraham; it didn't make a difference with Elizabeth and Zacharias and it won't make a difference in your life. Just BE FAITHFUL!

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