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  • Pastor Mary Jean Pidgeon

Mother - Let Them Go

I have been ministering to women for several years now and one of the things I’ve found very interesting is that her relationship with her husband is greatly affected by his relationship with his mother. So many times while talking to a woman concerning her relationship problems with her husband, I am always quickened to ask … “How is his relationship with his mother?” Inevitably, the mother is a strong willed woman and whether the husband buckles under her dominion or rebels against it he is hindered from quality relationship with his wife.

The Bible tells us a man is to “leave” his father and mother and “cleave” to his wife but because of the commandment that tells us to honor our father and mother, if the mother never lets her son go then she puts him in a position to either submit to her continued dominion or he must rebel against and dishonor her. Either way he’s in a “catch 22” and he is not free to cleave to his wife.


In these instances, the wife and I have agreed in prayer for the mother and son, we have broken this controlling spirit by the blood and in the name of Jesus, asked God’s forgiveness for this sin and loosed this man to cleave to his wife. Many times after this prayer the husband and wife relationship has greatly improved. One lady told me that one night at dinner her husband simply turned to her and began to share his heart with her as never before in 22 years of marriage.


As I mother of three sons I know it can be difficult to let go of our children, but in God’s proper timing, we must release them to receive their future blessings.

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